Further explanations and examples in a recently published article in the Microscopy & Microanalysis journal: pdf | bib


EBSD-Image is a free open-source software to analyze EBSD diffraction patterns and mappings. It is built on top of RML-Image, an image analysis freeware. It therefore combines image analysis routines and tools specific to EBSD such as an engine capable of analyzing EBSD diffraction patterns. It is written in Java (cross-platform) and has a graphical and command line interface.

EBSD-Image was developed as part of the master’s thesis project of Philippe T. Pinard at McGill (Montréal, Québec, Canada) under the supervision of Prof. Raynald Gauvin and the active collaboration and support of Marin Lagacé and Pierre Hovington from the Research Institute of Hydro-Québec (Varennes, Québec, Canada).

The objectives of this project were to develop a platform for the EBSD community to further improve the technique. In contrast with other EBSD software, EBSD-Image is flexible and extensible. Users can decide how to analyze diffraction patterns by having access to the sequence of operations and all the parameters. New algorithms can be easily implemented inside the engine. Furthermore, all file formats used are either human readable or public (easy to implement in other software). Finally, all the features are well documented inside this wiki.

Installation package for Windows, Mac OS and Linux Debian are available to Download, as well as a Java executable jar. For more information, please refer to the Documentation page. To collaborate to this project, please visit the Collaboration page or our SourceForge project website.