Hough peak selector

The Hough peaks selector operation to select the number of peaks to used in the indexing operation. Depending on the quality of the diffraction pattern, many peaks can be detected and identified. However only the most intense peaks are required to perform the indexing. This operation is therefore to select how many peaks to use.


The user must select the minimum and maximum number of peaks to use for the indexing. The minimum number of peaks is a way to eliminate diffraction patterns that do not have enough peaks to perform the indexing. For those patterns, the indexing operation will be skipped and there will be assigned an non-indexed value.

The maximum number of peaks is to specify how many peaks the indexing operation should used. Please note that if the number of peaks for a pattern is greater than the minimum and less than the maximum number of peaks, the indexing will be performed the number of available peaks.

Another important note is that the indexing operation requires at least 3 peaks. Therefore, the minimum and maximum number of peaks specified by the user must be equal or greater than 3.