Center of massΒΆ

This operation is used to identify the Hough peaks in the peaks map (BinMap). It was proposed by Krieger Lassen (1998). [1] The center of mass is calculated using the intensity of the pixels as follow:

\left<\left(\theta, \rho\right)\right> =
\left(\frac{\sum\limits_i^N{\theta_iI_i}} {\sum\limits_i^N{I_i}},
\frac{\sum\limits_i^N{\rho_iI_i}} {\sum\limits_i^N{I_i}}\right)

Its intensity is taken as the value of the closest pixel to the center of mass.

  1. {Krieger Lassen}, N. C. (1998). Automatic high-precision measurements of the location and width of {k}ikuchi bands in electron backscatter diffraction patterns. Journal of Microscopy, 190(3), 375-391.