How to run an experiment from the command lineΒΆ

An experiment designed inside the graphical interface of EBSD-Image can easily be run in a command prompt.

  1. Locate the installation directory of EBSD-Image. It is the directory containing EBSD-Image.jar. Typically,

    • C:\Program Files\EBSD-Image\ in Windows OS
    • /usr/share/ebsd-image/ in Linux distros
    • Inside the .app folder in Mac OS
  2. Add this directory containing to the Java class path

  3. Add the sub-directory module and ext to the Java class path as followed by replacing INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY with the path of the installation directory

  4. Create an experiment using the wizard inside the graphical interface

  5. In the last page of the wizard, the output page, select Save to XML instead of running the experiment.

  6. Open a command prompt and run the following command by replacing XMLFILE with the path leading to the XML file created by the wizard:

    java org.ebsdimage.cui.ExpRun XMLFILE

For more option on the command line runner, type:

java org.ebsd.image.cui.ExpRun --help