How to use the desktopΒΆ

The desktop is what we call the whole program area.


There are several items composing the desktop:

  1. Menu bar
  2. Main toolbar: This toolbar holds icons for the most often used imaging functions in EBSD-Image.
  3. Utility toolbar: This toolbar holds functions that the author finds most useful in his own work.
  4. Plugins toolbar: This toolbar holds functions related to EBSD-Image and other modules.
  5. Map button bar: Each button represents a map loaded on the desktop. The pressed button represents the selected map. Pressing one button selects the corresponding map and brings it to the front of the desktop.
  6. MultiMap tree: List of all MultiMap opened including EbsdMMap.
  7. Progress bar: Shows the progress of long operations. An operation must be at least one second long for the progress bar to show any progress.
  8. Map window: Button and information around a map window.