Map window

Map windows can contain the following objects:

Map itself

If the Map is bigger than the window itself, scroll bars will appear. The map can be scrolled using these bars. It can also be scrolled by using the scroll wheel on your mouse (if it has one). Vertical scrolling is done by the scroll wheel on your mouse and horizontal scrolling is done by pressing and holding the CTRL key while using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Look-up table (LUT)

The LUT shows the range of color of the pixel values. For ByteMap and RealMap, it can be modified by the options in the LUT menu.

Map’s toolbar

Here is a list of common toolbar buttons. The available buttons will change depending on the type of maps.

Icon Operation Description
zoom Zooms in or out To zoom in, left click on the map. To zoom out, right click on the map.
roi Region of Interest (ROI) Selects a Region of Interest(ROI). Just click and drag to select the ROI. A red rectangle will appear (known bug). The ROI is used in only two operations: Crop and Histogram. All other operations are always done on the whole map even if an ROI is defined. To remove the ROI, simply click at one point and do not drag.
crop Cropping Crops the map to the desired dimension. If no ROI is selected, a dialog will appear asking to enter the coordinate of the crop window.
paint Paint Inverts the pixel at the clicked location and all the pixels of the same state that touches it. Great way to remove objects in BinMap.
erase Erase Erases a selected region. To erase, simply click and drag over the region to erase. Every pixel in the selection will be set to 0.
line Line Draws a line of color 0. The thickness of the line can be selected by right clicking on the button. When you select a new size, the button will become unpressed even if it was pressed before.

Cursor info bar

Typical information showed:

  • Coordinates of the mouse cursor on the map: These are map’s coordinates, not display coordinates. So it takes into account the scaling factor. The origin (0; 0) is at the top left corner of the map.
  • Scale factor of the display: When the scaling factor changes, the map stays the same in memory. Only its display changes.
  • Color index of the pixel under the cursor or its value