Plugins toolbarΒΆ

This toolbar holds functions related to EBSD-Image and other modules.

Icon Operation Description
contrastexp Contrast Expansion Stretch the histogram of a ByteMap
hough Hough Transform Perform the Hough transform on the selected ByteMap. A dialog asks the user for the \Delta\thetaresolution.
threshold Hough Auto Thresholding Threshold the peaks from the selected HoughMap
qcoverlay QC Overlay Lines From thresholded peaks (BinMap), overlay the position of these peaks on the original diffraction pattern (ByteMap)
maskdisc Mask Disc Create a circular mask (BinMap) to select a region of interest from a diffraction pattern
experiment Run an Experiment Launch the wizard to setup and run an experiment
simulation Run a Simulation Launch the wizard to setup and simulate diffraction patterns
eulers Euler Map Create a RGBMap where the colors are defined by the Euler angles of a EbsdMMap
importhkl Import from HKL Import a mapping and diffraction patterns from HKL Channel 5
exporthkl Export to HKL Export a HklMMap back to HKL Channel 5 file formats
importtsl Import from TSL Import a mapping and diffraction patterns from TSL OIM
stitch Stitch EBSPs Utility to stitch EBSD mappings into one mapping
micronbar Micron Bar Add a micron bar to the selected map