The EbsdMMap is the main type of map of the EBSD-Image module. It is a child of a MultiMap in the sense that it contains several maps of the same dimensions. All these maps corresponds to the various results obtained from an EBSD acquisition (image quality, phases, orientation, etc.). The EbsdMMap also contains the acquisition parameters (beam energy, step size, etc.) of the EBSD acquisition.

Although many different type of results can be saved in the EbsdMMap, six are required by default. Four of them are for the four coefficients of the quaternion representing the orientation. The other two are a PhaseMap and an ErrorMap. The PhaseMap identifies the location of the indexed phases and unindexed pixels. The ErrorMap is used to report any error occurs during the processing of diffraction patterns.

The acquisition parameters stored in the EbsdMMap are as followed:

  • Beam energy
  • Magnification
  • Tilt of the sample
  • Working distance
  • Rotation of the sample
  • Pattern center and detector distance

An EbsdMMap is saved in a ZIP as a MultiMap.